We want a Vocaloid Concert in the UK. Join our campaign! イギリスにボーカロイドコンサートが欲しい。キャンペーンの友達になって下さい

11th August 2011

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Ways to join us!

Ways to join us!

31st July 2011


Calling all arty people!


We need some artwork and videos of miku and co with a British Theme.
I was thinking mikumikudance of her around London, or images of her in a Union Jack outfit, I have the ideas but can’t draw/animate, if you can please help, nothing is too small or too big ^.^

Something like this, maybe singing in English with Big Ben inside is the major challenge, are you up to it?

29th July 2011

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Some Facts to show feasability

LA Nokia Venue has a maximum capacity of 7,000

The LA Vocaloid Live concert SOLD OUT very early, and it is the first time the ticket retailers AX have ever sold out of tickets for any event.

The Royal Albert Hall has a capacity of 7,000

The O2 arena has a maximum capacity of 20,000

The MCM Expo event was recently attended by 60,000 people

In Theory:

If a third of people who attended the MCM expo wanted a Vocaloid Live Concert we could fill the O2 arena

UK Vocaloid fans could easily fill the Royal Albert Hall

Cost of US tickets was $15, so UK tickets would theoretically cost around £15?

London would be the best place in Europe to have a Vocaloid concert, English is a more Global language and many people travel to and through London from the rest of Europe.

Also, since Luka has an English voice bank and Miku’s English voice bank is nearing completion it would make total sense to have a concert in England.

29th July 2011


Scrapbook Collection

I am collecting images, poems, lyrics, videos, any media at all to compile into youtube videos to post at mikubook and our (under construction) youtube channel

Please send me anything you can make, and try to theme it to a Vocaloid being in the UK. I want lots of Miku’s carrying Union Jack Flags, mikumiku dances on big ben, you name it.

Got any photos of vocaloid cosplay from UK conventions? It can all help, send it all my way.

When it is all **Shiny** and full of content we will sent it to Crypton Future Media, to show them how many people want this concert, and how much they want it.

Please help out.

Please tweet links of anything you have to @vocaloiduk, or comment here or on the youtube channel, or shoot me an email at vocaloidukplease@gmail.com.

28th July 2011


About Vocaloid UK Please

Hi Vocaoid fans!

Would you go to a vocaloid live concert in the UK? 

We would, and we want as much support as possible to make it happen!

We have already had an email from the president of Crypton Media, stored in the docs at our facebook group here:


and now need to gather numbers of people interested, words of support, images, anything begging for the wonderful miss Miku and her friends to come over to rainy England, so we can show them we mean business!

If you want this too, please follow us @VocaloidUK or email me at vocaloidukplease@gmail.com and send us any words or media in support!